The Popplers! … St. Peter, MN Children and Family Photographer

Calvin Calvin Calvin….this kid is seriously one of the happiest kids I know. Whenever I see him he is always smiling! He has such a joyful spirit about him. Calvin is very special to my family and me. He is my best friend’s baby boy and I have watched him grow from in the womb,  to in the hospital room hearing his first cry and now almost 2 he is my daughters ‘buyyyeee’  (this is a 20 month old’s attempt at saying ‘buddy’). I love how she lights up whenever she sees him, Kandi and I know they will have a special friendship someday! Kandi and Eric have also become great friends of me and my husband’s. As some of you may know, Kandi and I have a wedding business together (P.S. I Do Wedding Photography). From this partnership and our friendship before we have grown so much together and I thank God daily that she has become such a good friend to me! I am seriously so blessed to be in business with such a wonderful, honest, fun-loving, pure woman of Christ. In addition to her being one of my best gal pals…we basically photograph each others lives….from births, each others kids, families, and birthday party’s, we get to experience it all together. I think that is one of the reasons I feel so grateful to be asked to photograph her family. Being a photographer, I know how precious memories are and how even more precious they are when mommy/photographer gets to be in them! So here are some of my favorites from the session…I probably could have posted all of them!

Kandi, Eric, and Calvin- Kandi…to my friend…I cherish you and am so excited for our upcoming wedding season and to get to spend so many 14 hour Saturday’s with you! Eric…I have enjoyed so much getting to know you. Kandi is so lucky to have a man like you in her life. And Calvin…you are my ‘buyyyee’ too! I love you so much and can’t wait to see you grow up and  accomplish so many things!

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